Recent work

Deaths Bot

Discord, JavaScript

This is moderation bot with many other command for discord. You can invite the bot here. This is a closed source bot. 

This Website


This website is Self Coded

Open Source Ticket Bot

Discord, JavaScript

This is an open source discord ticket bot. 

Open source anti raid bot for Discord

Discord, JavaScript

This is an open source Anti-Raid Bot

Discord Application Bot

Discord, Javascript

A bot that allows you to create Application that will be sent to the bot owners DMs. All question will be sent though a DM.

Deathkillers Bot Website

Website, HTML and CSS

A website I made for my Discord bot Deathkillers bot.

Discord music bot

Discord, Javascript

A bot that lets you play music from YouTube in discord.

Discord Python bot

Python, Discord

A simple python bot that just say happy thing when sad words are said.

Ryan's Programmming Forum App

Website, HTML and CSS

Android APK for the forum that works on Android phones for the moment. To help Beta test the APK use the Contact form and put APK Beta in the subject line.

WaterLight and Dashboard

Website, HTML and CSS and Javascript

A discord bot with working dashboard. You can customize many features on the dashboard. You can visit the dashboard at dashboard