Recent Work

Deathkillers Bot

This is a closed source Discord bot. It does moderation to fun.

This website

This website was self coded using a bootstrap template

Open Source Ticket Bot

An open source ticket bot for discord. This operates similar to modmail

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Open source anti raid bot for Discord

This bot will keep your server safe from raider and people who want to do harm.

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Discord Application Bot

A bot that allows people to apply for roles. All results send to a private channel for you to review.

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Discord music bot

Play youtube music in your discord server. Just type in a keyword and let this bot do the work.

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Ryan's Programming Fourm APK

The forum in a mobile app. You can view and post anywhere.

War Robots

War Robots is a game I worked on. Its is a based Battle bots. More robots and maps will be added in the future.

WaterLight and Dashboard

WaterLight is my most recent project. It is a discord bot that is fully customizable using command and a website.

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Ghost Server Website

Website I made for Ghost servers. 

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Moon Battle Beta

Moon Battle is a FPS (First Person Shooter) Game made with Unreal Engine 4.